Extended abstracts

From Croesus to Cyrus: Ionian social and cultural environment in the mid-sixth century B.C. – R. Gül Gürtekin Demir & Özlem Şimşek Özer

The Earliest Coinage – Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert

Geoarchaeology Meets Philosophy in Miletos: The Possible Impact of Nature and Environment on Thales and Anaximander – Alexander Herda and Helmut Brückner

Political philosophers, not political-philosophers.
The early Milesian Philosophers: An archaeology of reception – John Brendan Knight

Cults and religion in northern Ionia from Homer and Hesiod to Xenophanes of Colophon: An archaeological and textual reconstruction – Ergün Lafli

DEBATE: The birth of Ionian collective identity – Naoíse Mac Sweeney and Olivier Mariaud

Cultural Preconditions of Ionian Self-Enlightment – Katarina Nebelin

Being human – or slightly beyond? – Vera Sichelschmidt

Polykmetos kai polytimos: metallurgical knowledge in the archaic Ionia – Marek Verčík, Peter Pavúk, and Miloš Roháček

Alignments of Greek temples and the full moon: an astronomical perspective on the openings in the gable of the Artemision in Magnesia – Sara Wanek

Reckoning with the gods: changing patterns of votive deposition in Ionian sanctuaries (7th/6th – 5th/4th c. BCE). – Anja Slawisch and Michael Loy

Motion as Principle: Kinesis and Cosmology in Presocratic Philosophy – Robert Müller